Colleen Broomall is the Co-Founder of YSBnow, a celebrity-driven digital platform that empowers and inspires young women with one resounding theme: You're So Beautiful Now. Not when they reach a certain number of Instagram followers, not when they get their braces off – but right now.

 Launched in October 2015, YSBnow attracts millions of visitors from over 200 countries and 16,000 cities across the globe and inspires countless young women to celebrate their unique qualities that make them beautiful, both inside and out.

 As a baby, Colleen played Meg Ryan’s daughter on the soap opera As The World Turns. At 12, she was already standing up publicly for her beliefs, writing a letter that was published in the New York Times Magazine, stating, “I am not a girl who wants to look like Barbie.”  The New Jersey native spent her college years shuttling between the University of Delaware campus and Manhattan, where she served as the East Coast Correspondent for teen authority Tiger Beat. From there, Colleen moved to the top spot, Editor-in-Chief, at Popstar, where she witnessed firsthand how social media and digitally-altered images were damaging girls’ self-esteem. This perspective prompted her to move beyond the pages of the teen publication and join forces with a team of global technologists to create YSBnow (You're So Beautiful Now.) 

Colleen splits her time between Bergen County, New Jersey and Los Angeles and serves on the board of the TJ Martell Foundation.